How to Find Your Position in Google

Businesses whether big or small want to make sure that it is not difficult to find their website on Google. If a person types the name of the business or words related to it on Google’s search engine and it does not come up, it means that it is not highly ranked and it will take that person a long time to have to scroll through all the sites in search for his desired website.

It is important to remember that there are millions of websites on the internet; and some of them are bound to have a similar name as yours or similar keywords. This is why it is such a challenge. But your time does not need to be eaten away by having to manually scroll down through all the sites that pop up on the search engine. Learn how SERP Scan can save you time.

SERP Scan Can Help

SERP Scan can help you by tracking your ranking. Knowing this will help you evaluate your SEO efforts. Businesses will be able to see right away their keyword tracking and ranking. They will be empowered with the knowledge on what their weakness is when it comes to keywords, linking, and other SEO efforts. They will then be able to take the necessary actions to fix it in order to be more competitive. With SERP Scan, businesses will know exactly where they stand and can find ways to improve themselves which means better trafficking of website and a potential increase in revenue.

SERP Scan Saves Time

This can help you know exactly where you stand in Google automatically. Because it is automatic, it will give you real time results. SERP Scan on a daily basis helps businesses give the necessary reports to clients with real time results. It will also help businesses know how their competition is doing and can also play a better ball game themselves. Each of your keyword may have a different ranking or otherwise also known as multiple ranking.

SERP Scan can give you an update about each one so that they can identify their strengths and weaknesses. Because ranking changes all the time, it is important to keep track often and with this automatic software, it will be a breeze. Automatic results are useful in the assessment of SEO work too. Getting a daily update is better than a weekly one. SERP Scan will keep a business updated on the changes in the search engine which are affected by what the competition is putting on and keywords used.

A Google Keyword Rank Checker

SERP Scan lets you check your rankings across multiple keywords. Rankings change regularly. The reason for this is a combination of your SEO efforts, that of your competitors, and updates to Google's algorithm. Because of this ever-changing nature it's important that you track your SERP movement on a regular basis.

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