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Start Tracking Your Rankings

SERP Scan tracks your website's search engine position for the keywords that matter to you.

Why do I need SERP Scan?


SERP Scan reveals actionable insight into your website's SEO status. SERP Scan also automates parts of your business by checking your SERPs twice a day, alerting you to any drastic rank changes, and generating reports that you can study and submit to your clients.


Local Rank Tracking


Are you doing SEO for local businesses?
Set their location in SERP Scan and track the results their customers see.

Tip: SERP Scan saves a screenshot of the first page of local results. Click here to learn more about local rank tracking.
An example of a screenshot showing local search results

Competitor Tracking


You can track your competiton's rankings to see how you stack up.
You'll also be able to see when they're making a big SEO push for your keywords.

Tip: SERP Scan saves the first 100 results for every keyword you track. You can use this feature to discover new competition.
An example graph of a website's ranking history combined with that of their competitors

Start Tracking Your Rankings

Track over 150 Search Engines

With SERP Scan you have the option to track multiple search engines. Google for every country, Yahoo, Bing, and others.

Tip: You can setup "default search engines" so you don't have to re-select the search engines you care about every time you add a keyword.
A partial list of search engines that SERP Scan tracks
Alerts & Notifications

You can easily setup alerts if you want to be notified every time a keyword you're tracking enters the X positions or drops X positions.

Tip: We automatically create the most common alerts for your when you sign up. You can add, edit, or remove these at any time.
A dialog for creating ranking alert notifications
Reporting & Graphs

You can export your ranking data as CSV spreadsheets or PDFs.

You can see the ranking history for each keyword as a line graph. Easily switch between all-time, past week, month, or quarter.

Tip: PDF reports are automatically created on the 1st & 15th of each month. You can also manually create them at any time. Click here to learn more about ranking reports.
An example PDF ranking report
Multiple User Accounts

Have multiple members on your team? You can create sub accounts so everyone has their own login details. You can also assign "roles" if you want to limit what the user can do.

A dialog for creating additional user accounts
Client Access & White labeling

Do you have clients who want to know their search engine positions at all time? With SERP Scan you can create client-accounts so they can login and view their rankings whenever they want—without bugging you.

You can replace SERP Scan's logo and business name with your own, so your clients have a seamless experience with your brand.

A dialog for creating accounts for your clients

Start Tracking Your Rankings

Query Tracking


SERP Scan offers an embeddable code that will track the search queries visitors use to find your website. If you aren't tracking the query already SERP Scan will notify you and allow you to easily add it to your account.


Realtime Ranking Updates


After you add a keyword to your account it takes a couple of minutes to to find its rank. SERP Scan can notify you when the rank is determined—no matter what page you're on in your dashboard.


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Web-based vs. desktop-based rank tracking tools

Anyone who has tried to manually find their website's position in a search engine knows it takes way too long, and that they should spend that time in a much more productive way. When you get to a certain point in your business you can't afford not to use a rank tracker. There are two types of rank trackers: web-based and desktop-based.

SERP Scan (web-based)

Rankings matter, and tracking them is vital.

Start Tracking Your Rankings

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